Safety Measures

January 13, 2024

Were continuing most safety measures to protect our clients & 0urselves.  Such as plexiglass shields in the waiting and treatment areas. We are recommending masks to be worn if the office again. 
We continue to schedule 15 minute breaks between each appointment to sanitize the treatment area & to avoid a back up in the waiting room. Thank you for your loyalty & patience during this pandemic.

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Hello, and welcome to our website. Please allow me to tell you about myself. I’ve been doing electrolysis in Delaware County for 40 years. I’m also a Registered Nurse (PA), I graduated from Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in Darby, PA. I worked as a Medical-Surgical R.N. at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Drexel Hill, PA. My mother, Elizabeth H. Williams, had an electrology practice, and I became interested in learning electrolysis because of her.

I am a charter member and former officer in the Pennsylvania Society of Electrologists and I received my Certified Registered Electrologist certification (CRE) from the Pennsylvania Society of Electrologists. I am also a member of the American Electrology Association.

I really enjoy my work as an Electrologist. I feel I am able, with my skills, to make a positive difference in people’s lives and that is very satisfying to me. I hope you like what you read here and give me a call to discuss YOU!

I’m excited to announce that my daughter, Amy Windebank has joined my practice. She’s completed her Apprenticeship. She’s been working in our practice, full time, for 3 yrs.

Treatments are performed in an attractive, totally private, comfortable and clean environment. I use only medically sterilized equipment and sterile, disposable probes. I recently upgraded my eyewear to the Rose Micro Solution Magnifying Loupes.

The Rose Micro Solution Loupes offers the highest resolution and clarity for more accurate insertions. The electrolysis machine I use is digital and state of the art. What does Digital Technology mean? It means the settings are right on the mark, and the currents are incredibly balanced. This ensures a smooth, comfortable treatment during every visit.

The machine is the The Clareblend “Elegance” which effectively combines the speed of the short-wave method with the low regrowth rate of the galvanic method because it accelerates galvanic action with simultaneously applied short-wave at a very low intensity. This unique interaction results in a moderate treatment speed which leaves the skin in excellent condition with a minimal amount of regrowth. I purchase a new Electrolysis Machine every 5 years so I can offer my clients the most up-to-date machine and techniques that are available.

We are happy to welcome to our practice another skilled & empathic Electrologist. Her name is Theresa Taraba. She’s been with us since August, 2021.

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