Safety Measures

January 13, 2024

Were continuing most safety measures to protect our clients & 0urselves.  Such as plexiglass shields in the waiting and treatment areas. We are recommending masks to be worn if the office again. 
We continue to schedule 15 minute breaks between each appointment to sanitize the treatment area & to avoid a back up in the waiting room. Thank you for your loyalty & patience during this pandemic.

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“On the last day of 2019, Kay Ann and I reflected on where I started in 2013. Initially, I had appointments every two weeks. Then once a month, then every 3 months, then twice a year for a couple of years. This year, I saw Kay Ann once for a 15 min touch up. I really cannot be happier with my results. They are exactly what I expected. Kay Ann has a gentle touch, caring personality and science on her side. Do your research. Once you walk through Kay Ann’s door, stay the course. You will be glad you did.”
ROS, Media PA

“If you’re hesitant to make an appointment with Amy, Kay Ann’s daughter, you don’t need to be. I’ve had two sessions with her and each time, she was thorough, gentle, efficient and professional. I was very satisfied.”
Vera Orthlieb

Amy and Kay Ann are the absolute best! They utilize the blend method of electrolysis which, in my opinion, works best to remove unwanted hair. I am thrilled with my results so far! I have been going once a week for the last 5 months, and I see real progress! Slightly less hair, and the hair that is still there is MUCH finer and not so noticeable. I had previously done laser hair removal MANY times over the course of several years with little to no success. I spent so much money (thousands of dollars) on laser hair removal, and it was not permanent. THIS IS…and it costs less!!! I am so incredibly grateful that I found Amy and Kay Ann, because for the first time in my adult life, I know I am actually on the road to being hair free! I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! I drive from Exton (over an hour) to go to them specifically because they are truly the best, and worth it! Electrolysis is a process, and will not work overnight, but if you remain patient and stick with it, it WILL work!
Jeannine, Exton, PA

“If you’re looking for a safe place for permanent hair removal, I can highly recommend KayAnn McNamara to you. KayAnn is diligent and meticulous in her work. I’ve been seeing her almost weekly for over a year and I’m very happy with the results. Keep in mind a few things: electrolysis is not a “quick-fix”. Unlike waxing, tweezing and shaving you will not see instant results. However, if you hang in there and follow the directions that KayAnn gives you, you will see permanent results over time. Before I began this process, I spent an inordinate amount of time plucking, tweezing, bleaching, etc. on a daily basis. Now, about a year and a half later, I don’t do a thing. I’m still visiting KayAnn, but on a twice monthly basis. The hair that I have remaining is softer, smaller and lighter than what it was at the start. Eventually, that will all disappear as well. If you’re worried about the pain involved, as I was, KayAnn does her best to help with that as well. First, she offers a topical anesthetic that reduces the pain. (I’m a big baby and this product helps me immensely!) Secondly, she adjusts the procedure to your comfort level. So, again, if you’re looking for a safe place for hair removal with an experienced professional, choose KayAnn”.
MB., Wallingford, PA

“I started going to Kay Ann about 8 months ago to remove hair from my chin and throat. I’d been tweezing for years, and it was getting to be an endless process. Kay Ann has been treating my problem areas for 30 minutes once a week, and the difference is amazing! No more stubble, no more gouging myself with tweezers, no more embarrassment when I’m close to people. My tweezing for that long means we’ve got a lot of damage to undo or compensate for, so this will take a while, but the difference is already dramatic, and was after just a few visits. And Kay Ann herself is a pleasure–friendly, gentle, organized, efficient, and really knows her stuff. If you are hesitating about trying electrolysis, don’t. Call Kay Ann and get moving with a simple procedure that will make a big difference.”
Jane W., Philadelphia, PA

“Before finding Kay Ann, I wasted countless hours (and dollars) on laser treatment with very disppointing results. After that, I had been tweezing for about 30-40 minutes per day. I was so sick and tired of wasting so much time just to rid myself of this bothersome facial hair! I finally called Kay Ann, and from my very first appointment with her, I knew I’d found the right person the rid me of my unwanted facial hair. She is professional, hygenic and very empathetic towards my excessive hair growth problem, and effective at treating it. The blend technique that she uses is very comfortable and her equipment is state-of-the-art. I highly recommend Kay Ann to anyone – you couldn’t ask for a better electrologist!”
Michelle P., Drexel Hill, PA

“If you are looking for truly permanent hair removal, I can tell you from personal experience that electrolysis works. I have friends who have been waxing their upper lip and eye brows for years, and I am so grateful for the electrolysis I received over 40 years ago. I consider it one of my greatest gifts! I am now addressing unwanted hair in another area, and Kay took the time to answer all my questions. She explained her strategy, and together we developed a plan of action to achieve my desired result. I especially appreciate Kay’s knowledge and honest assessments of other forms of hair removal. Her professionalism, experience and willingness to educate her clients are the main reasons I selected Kay. I also appreciate her “frequent customer” discount policy – it’s a win for her and a win for her clients!”
P.B., Media, PA

“I was uneasy about electrolysis when I first called Kay Ann, but her patience and professionalism put me at ease. She explained the process and answered my questions without any commitment on my part. I have become a regular client and would recommend her to anyone. Kay Ann has made it a pleasant experience for me, and I am getting great results.”
N.L., Swarthmore, PA

“Kay Ann is the only person I will to trust to remove unwanted hair. After trying others, I am willing to drive 150 miles to see her after moving out of the area! She has many years of experience and keeps her credentials up to the latest developments. Her personable demeanor is beyond my ability to express in this review. Let me just say she will make you feel comfortable while knowing your particular situation is her main focus. I hope you will agree after seeing Kay Ann that she is not only a real professional, but a pleasure to see for your hair removal treatment.”

“I have been a regular client of Kay Ann’s for over a year and half and am so delighted with the results of my sessions that I look forward to them. Thanks Kay Ann for creating such a welcoming environment for a sensitive process. I highly recommend you to my friends & family any opportunity I get.”
H.B., Media, PA

“Kay Ann is an affable person who applies her professional expertise in a manner that always makes you feel comfortable as she diligently works on you. She has made my skin smooth and dry, alleviating a perspiration problem.” – referring to electrolysis done on the back.”

“Kay Ann was recommended to me by another satisfied client. She is very professional, and I am very pleased with how my brows are shaping up. Much less hassle in front of the mirror going forward!”

“I have been receiving electrolysis for almost two years, and I am amazed at the results! Kay Ann offers a warm, comfortable, hygienic environment and truly invests in her clients. Before electrolysis, I would waste time with tweezing every day; now I have more time and am more confident thanks to Kay Ann! I highly recommend her!”
A.A., Havertown, PA

“After a year of working with Kay Ann, I have been extremely pleased with the results she has achieved with my facial hair removal. I am no longer embarrassed to be seen in public situations and have left bleaching and tweezing behind forever! I immediately felt comfortable and in very secure in her hands with Kay’s gentle touch and latest equipment. She is very informative and a wonderful, caring, most sincere person who has the ability to solve your hair removal problems of all kinds. She is the very best!”

“I didn’t realize how much time I was spending on tweezing until I was on vacation and my cousin asked what was taking me so long to get ready to go out. That was my tipping point! I had to take care of my excessive tweezing for good! I had heard comments from folks who used both laser & electrolysis and after my own research felt that electrolysis was for me. I found Kay Ann on line and after my first meeting with her I felt comfortable and relieved to know that my unwanted facial hair could be removed permanently. Kay Ann’s peaceful demeanor lends to relaxing (yes, relaxing!) sessions. She helped me meet my time goal by laying out a reasonable course of treatment. I just returned from a long vacation with my cousin…with none of my time spent tweezing. I highly recommend Kay Ann! Listen to her advice…you will be grateful for the outcome!”
T.R., Springfield, PA

“I decided to look into electrolysis, the only permanent way to remove unwanted hair, when I realized that the hair on my neck and chin would never completely disappear unless I took action. It was a long term battle I had been fighting and I was tired of shaving and/or plucking every single day. My first appointment was in May, 2013. A little over a year later and I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel! In the beginning I went once a week for ½ hour sessions, but in the early part of 2014 was able to switch to once every two weeks. Soon I will be starting every three weeks and maybe even for just 15 minutes. I’m not done yet, but I can see now that it will end in the near future and was worth the time and money. I highly recommend Kay Ann. She is very gentle and makes every attempt to minimize the very very minor discomfort. Thanks, Kay Ann!”
Nancy M.

I highly recommend Kay Ann and Amy for electrolysis! Due to hormone issues I had unsightly hair around my chin and throat. Waxing and plucking only made things worse. Initially considering laser hair removal, I went for a consultation where they openly told me it was not permanent and that the only permanent hair removal solution would be electrolysis. They actually recommended Kay Ann to me! I went weekly for a few months then every other week. It has been just over a year and now I go once every four to six weeks. The office is clean and comfortable. Both ladies are very professional and are very skilled in their techniques. I experienced absolutely no pain! I’m fair skinned and do have a small amount of redness when the session is finished . They apply a bit of aloe and give me a small ice pack. I hold onto my chin and by the time I get home which is only five minutes away the redness has vanished.
Margie, ( Drexel Hill )


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